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Starbucks Card

Dear all,

I posted this on another community, but all I'd really like for this upcoming Christmas is a Starbucks Card. It doesn't matter how much value there is on it, as long as it's a card. I am hoping to reap some of the Starbucks benefits: free wi-fi (2 hrs. per day) & free unlimited refills. If you don't go to Starbucks often or don't like it, you can pass this card onto me. Just make sure it's unregistered, because I'd like to keep it under my name..

If you're feeling super generous, you can also buy a new card w/ the minimum amount.

Thanks, everyone.

This is forevertrinity, posting in a sort of frantic desperation...I know that drowning_jedi had posted here a month or two back asking if ANYONE might be able to help us in our hour of need, and that a lot of you were SO ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL...but our hour of need has gotten blacker and darker, and because the support of the online community is, literally, THE SINGLE ONLY THING we even POSSIBLY have left, I come to all of you again to ask... to beg...to hope... maybe.

I'm so sorry to do this, but we've been told to our faces(literally!) that the people where we're staying now(currently, the Super 8 in Norfolk, NE, Rm. 215; if anyone wnats to CALL us, it's 402-379-2220...i give it in trust and faith because right now, the world seems VERY cold) due to the grace of a miracle and the help of a church group(who has told us it was A ONE-TIME DEAL ONLY, and that even though we're facing literal freezing-to-death homelessness, they could absolutely under no circumstances do ONE THING MORE.)

(Where are the miracles, anymore? What about these places that keep claiming they help everyone...and turn away those they deem "unfit"??)

For the past ten days, life for Ani has been a CONSTANT WAKING NIGHTMARE of trying to keep a roof over our heads without me to help him(longer story; I'll explain to anyone who asks and no, it WASN'T a choice; GOD, he was falling apart without me to help. He literally wound up in the hospital because he ran himself into the ground.. he hasn't had one minute, one HOUR, of comfort to simply lie DOWN and rest, to DO anything to calm him, or anything... because every hour was waiting for a callback, wondering what to do, how to keep from freezing to death on the street of a town we ended up in by ACCIDENT in a place where we have absolutely NO ONE...)...

...and now that we've been reuinited for only a day, we're facing the terror that he didn't eat or sleep or rest because of...eviction as of 11 A.M tomorrow(Thursday)... because we simply do not have the money to pay in advance, and the manager told Ani(to his face, while he sobbed; I'm not kidding), that they didn't know him and "frankly, it's not their problem".

After having spoken with PFLAG in Omaha after everyone urged us to call, we found out that NO ONE has any funds left or any way of helping us. (They were, and ARE, absolutely WONDERFUL; they were shocked and sympathetic to EVERYTHING that has happened to us, and ON our side...it's just seems that they themselves have run up against a stunning, unexpected brick wall.

When we got the call a while ago that come 11 AM tomorrow, if nothing between now and then changes, we're going to be out on the sidewalk - LITERALLY - with our seizure dog, all our worldly belongings(literally, again), and no family or friends within 2000 miles to go to or even to HELP - both of us cried.) We have five days left to get through until I get my money and we can get into our new home...but that is still a little less than a week away.

Ani is so scared of being out in the cold with the dog and his lungs, that he's literally been almost paralyzed with it for a week.. and now, we're looking at, what? 18 hours of frantic panic, before the street IS the only option? *cries*

(WHY does this keep HAPPENING TO US? we're not, you know, LOUD. We don't DRINK, we're not disruptive, Ani's dedicated his life more or less to HELPING people...he used to have people coming to him all the time FOR advice and whatever they might need. Why does this state seem to just... HATE us so much? And he wants to make it work so BADLY. His shop..our lives... all of it. But I am scared, too, in a terrible way, if we spend a week on the street, that he won't be in any condition to... you know, HAVE a life. Not after that.)

(The house we were supposed to get? The dream house with the basement I promised Ani for the junkshop? The one we told the woman that NO MATTER WHAT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, WE WERE ABSOLUTELY 100% IN OUR WANTING OF? She told us she needed to give the tenant there 30 days to move out, and that we could move in at the beginning of November(which is what we were looking at, I think, when Ani posted). Well, apparently the guy moved out just TWP PR THREE DAYS AFTER THAT...and do you think she held it for us? Do you think that she, KNOWING someone who could get in touch with us was LESS THAN TWO STREETS AWAY, tried to get a message to us?

No...what this lovely woman did was called our cell phone ONCE, got no answer...and rented the house out from under us to someone on like the 3rd of the month... when we still would have been able to get a refund(from the place that just scammed us AGAIN... are we THAT much sh*t, that we just seem to FIND these places, places with no morals or compunctions or even a tiny little bit, ever, of COMPASSION?)... if she'd CALLED US. Nope. She was all, "Well, money in hand RIGHT NOW, cool".

And whoosh, there went our dream, flushed away. We're lucky; we HAVE managed to arrange an apartment a couple of towns over, on the 27th of this month. (*weak, pathetic cheer*) But that's where the PROBLEM comes in.)

Ani fears that people might be...thinking so much less of him because you may think he is a bum for begging for help for the last two weeks. I am very proud of him for handling everything so well in my absence... (although he hasn't slept more than two or three hours at a go in more than a week) And grateful for all of you, our friends... God I need a word for those of you who are closer.

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE can find the where with all or means to help us out...Remember, we only have a week to get through and then we have a place, one reserved on the main flood in anticipation of our combined disabilities, we could really, desperately use the help, especially after having been reunited just this afternoon. God please give me one more day without fear of the street.

And now Ani has pneumonia and the only shelter within several counties will not even allow us on their property. (and two social workers and a police officer begged them to take us. Their reason for not taking us; Our "over reaction" to Ani being placed in a room under the mens dorm when they weren't sure what to do with him, and his being toold(ordered, more accurately) to absolutely "avoid fraternizing with other people in the building". They stated that it "might confuse the children"... because of his appearance. This is the ONLY SHELTER WITHIN SEVERAL HUNDRED MILES, MIND YOU; *AND* they themselves ADMITTED that they had rooms open...and space for "the needy".

The very best part: When Ani asked the shelter if they thought this was very Christian to let two disabled people freeze on the streets when they themselves had stated that they had more than one open room, he was told "well we think it is" before being hung up on) If this isn't discrimination, I'm not sure what is. It sounds just like the O'Neill hotel's reasoning. "We're losing business because of your 'weirdness"

Please, again, if anyone can help in any small way, (and it doesn't have to be large, small amounts add up) we have fixed our PayPal service. The account is drowning_jedi@livejournal.com. This is easily translated into a place to stay(the miracle of internet and phone, things like that can be done instantly from just about anywhere), or sent to someone with a debit card who can do it in our name. We can get MoneyGram here, too, but if it were a choice between that and PP, i think no one would PICK MG; the fees and everything...well... yeah. You know what I mean.

Again, think no less of my Ani for doing this...For NEEDING this. You have all been so helpful and such good friends, but we need you now, or else I wouldn't be begging like this.

Thank you all and please remember that he needs you all as friends. Just because we are going through this does not mean that our bonds to all of you have changed. And thank ALL of you for ALL you've done, regardless. *cries a little.*

I would absolutely love to have Neopets Premium for a month. I just want to see what it's like.

So. If you would like to help out, I would be grateful forever! Even a couple cents would help!

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Hi. To those of you who don't know me, the name the "rest of the world" knows me by, is Anthony.

This is something I swore - a lot of you have known me for over ten years, and so you know this, as well - that I would never do; this is a call for help. A very. very dear friend of mine suggested, in our hour of need, that we reach out to the people who ARE our family... and to us, that means all of you. In more ways than you honestly, I think, can possibly imagine.

I'm just so scared of posting this. Please believe that. I grew up believing you just don't ask for help. But it's not just me anymore. I have someone else to take care of... and that changes everything.

Cut to save your F-lists; but we really, REALLY need some help.Collapse )

And then it got so much WORSE.

And the day we were kicked out(on no notice except being awoken by someone pounding on our door and screaming - with absolutely, utterly NOT A MOMENT'S WORTH OF WARNING OR REASON - that "You have three hours to get your sh*t packed and get the f*ck out" - an exact quote from this owner's crazy son), and I mentioned being worried about my wife because she was legally blind, this housekeeper remarked to a lobby full of people, "Yeah, and legally stupid, too."

With most couples, noises in a room at night and the other things wouldn't be an issue. But we're not most couples, and apparently, some people in rural Nebraska have a problem if you're somewhere on the GLBT spectrum. Who knew, right? My identification says "Male". I am male. But yes, I once was - and, I suppose, technically that makes me "still" - a transgender. (And I was always proud of it.)

I'm used to comments, to bashing, to intolerance. I've been beaten up, kicked down stairs, the works. But nothing, nothing, ever like this. I had shown them my identification several times. One of them even went so far as to to suggest that it was faked, because "Oh, they've heard of people 'pretending', before".

So. Because of our 'sexuality' (they called it our "weirdness"), we just lost our temporary home. (When asked for further reasons, we were refused any answers at all, refused the chance to talk, refused any chance at all. There were no warnings, no "heads-up", no second-chance. Not one single thing. We even, actually, begged; getting this house in November, getting my shop running, means everything to us.)

Which is now the HUGE problem: because forevertrinity won't get her disability deposit until October 1st, and we don't have any money. And the hotel owners won't give us a partial refund, even though we were paid up until October 6th. That means that they took a full month's rent and then kicked us out after eighteen days, and then kept the difference... which means that not only did they get all of our money, but can now re-rent the room and make such a wonderful profit off their big joke.

We offered them everything. We offered to address their complaints - which, the very day before, the owner had said "weren't a problem, just to take it easy if someone gave us trouble". We offered to stay in our rooms like teenagers, even, between eleven P.M. and eight A.M. - despite the fact that I am an insomniac and work at night. I did 27 hours of free labor on their upstairs room - sanding, cleaning, re-painting. We even offered them our last $50 to just let us stay out the week.

They refused everything. Mocked us in front of a crowd, and refused to speak to us. This owner's son - the size of a linebacker - even got up in my face and got violent. I am not kidding you.

In a nutshell, right now: we're screwed, homeless, and broke. (It will not remain that way, we are not beggars; we have job potential, I am opening the shop, we will have a home in the next several months, and forevertrinity has her disability. But right now, none of that can save us from the mess we're in.)

And we have a friend in the area, but her father is seriously ill and her home life is currently a mess, so, we can't stay with her. We have nowhere to go, and no way to get there even if we did. My family is currently not in the greatest straits as it is, either; and can't help in much the same way; in fact, we had originally been on our way cross-country to visit my ailing grandmother when we were - God's work? Fate? Blind chance? - literally dumped here with no warning by the "friend" who was driving; he packed his car in the middle of the night and left us, wanting to "be somewhere else".

There's a Super 8 here in town - where we currently are(402-336-3100; we're in Rm. 104, right now) - and the local church gave us a voucher to stay here for tonight. It's $40/night, and we need to stay for five(technically four, if the owner is willing to let us pay for the fifth at midnight) more nights: the 26th through the 30th. (We get paid, literally, between midnight and, say, three A.M. on October 1st.) So literally, $280, for us, would mean the difference between being on the street or not. We're okay on food--we have enough to get by until the 1st--it's just the roof over our heads that we're currently having a problem with.

We will have a house, God willing, when the 1st of November rolls around - but if we're on the street until forevertrinity gets her check, everything goes down the drain - my job, my business, our entire new lives. Everybody at least deserves a fresh start, don't they?

My friend pointed out that $200 could be raised if 200 people were willing to donate a dollar, or if only 40 people were willing to donate $5. She suggested I put this out there and ask... saying that asking never hurt anybody.

As of right now, we have until 11:00 A.M. Central Time to figure out how to at least stay tomorrow night - with the universe's help, someone, somewhere here(maybe another church? But I don't hold out too much hope for that; I plan on staying up all night just to be sure that I'm awake in time to answer the phone if it rings) - and after that, we only need to be able to stay until the 1st of the month of October. That is less than five days.

So, please, if you can, we would appreciate any donation you could spare, whether it's five cents or five dollars. My PayPal address is drowning_jedi@livejournal.com; I also do have a wonderful Wal-Mart Green Dot Money Card, and (*cries with the greatest shame of his LIFE*) there are MoneyGram stations everywhere here.

Also, I have MANY things I can offer for sale to help raise money:

- I am an artist, and I am open to fanart commissions. I work in pencil and colored pencil, and some examples and a few samples of my recent fanart (and commission fanart) can be found here: http://sithling.deviantart.com. I will draw any character or pairing from the Star Wars universe that you want, and will send you a scan and/or the original (or both), whichever you prefer.

Commissions are available at almost any price, depending on the size, complexity, and medium; I can work in oils as well, although they, by necessity, take a little longer to dry and ship.

I can also create tattoo designs; "fandom"-themed or otherwise.

Also, here are some examples of my oil paintings; please keep in mind that these are nearly seven or eight years old, and my style has changed a lot. But I can do a great deal of things. Example 1//Example 2//Example 3//

- I will build you a junk!art/steampunk sculpture, of ANY type, to the theme or idea of your choosing; and send it to you. Sculptures are, again, by size and price. This is what I do; I am currently building a full-size, fully-functioning pottery wheel from dis-used parts.

- I've been working on bulding a mini-Podracer for a local battered-children fundraiser, comprised of various parts and powered - to run on a zipline - by small, single-stage model rocket engines. Ever wanted to own your very own Podracer? Painted in your custom colors?

- My friend has offered to donate a pair of Star Wars-theme knitted gauntlets/wristwarmers. They would be black, with Sith!red and Jedi!green and blue stripes at the cuffs, custom made for the wearer. These are $15. Here's an example(s) of my friend's work:

- The same friend will also knit an R2-D2 hat, to be completed by Christmas, custom made for the wearer. See example here, and the hat is $30.

- forevertrinity makes clay sculptures, candleholders, charms, necklaces, bead strings, religious/belief/random icons, and a whole host of other various items; I'm fairly certain that if you ask her, she'll be able to do it.

- I also have the following miscellaneous items for sale:

* A TON of collectible, SW TCG hand-built micro-ships; this collection is my pride and joy. I have over sixty+ of them already built, from the "old-school" style ones(dewback riders, landspeeders, sandcrawlers, X-Wings, etc., etc.) to the newer "Clone Wars" models(Republic gunships, the Twilight, etc.). Some of them are only available in limited areas, around here; I've picked up a lot of them far away from here.

* I am currently working on said pottery wheel; it can be completed within a month's time, if anyone would be interested.

* Japor snippets; both, er, "traditional"(i.e., similar to the "SW" ones you'd 'recognize') or other similar "good-luck charms"; clay, or hand-carved(by me) out of wood. Most any size. if you know me at all, you know I can put a lot of passion - and work - into these. (Just in case; on the website I refer to them as " 'Kin Snippets".)

* A full-size, (well, not literally, but I'm sure you get the idea) model Jedi Interceptor(*winces*). Wow, looking on WalMart.com, I'm not sure they even sell this one anymore. Hooray for Clone Wars media freaking BLITZ. (EDIT: At least at the online store, I was right; it is no loner offered at all. I can take a picture, if anyone is interested. It is, of course, very dear to me; but... my life here is dearer. By far.)

* I code webpages. I do HTML/Javascript, and I'm fast. You can check my resume, on request; I am in the top 2% of the coders on the contract agency I bid for. (Rent-a-Coder Resume can be found HERE; my references and recommendations can be found HERE. The game I wrote, programmed, created, designed, and sold - which has so far received universal five-star ratings in several countries' web software archives - can be found HERE, as well, to give yet another example. Other references available on request, of course.

A screenshot of my "All-Coder Expert Ranking", in case you can't access the resume page directly:

* I can pretty much create ANY sort of Tatooine/Phantom Menace-era junk!art sculpture/piece/slave!art/whatever; just give me your idea, and let me know what you'd like to see.

* Two fully-functional Virgin Mobile cellular phones; they are completely ready for use, they simply have no accounts or time attached to them, as they are designed for pre-paid plans.

* Possibly - if I can put my hands back on it - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis; for the Nintendo GameCube. (Really, right? In the age of the Wii? But hell, I always loved it.)

* I also FIX things. Just e-mail me and ask.

Please comment if you're interested in buying any of these things... or anything else, or have any other ideas.

I feel embarrassed putting myself out here like this, asking like this, but... I don't have anywhere else to turn. I have NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS. Heck, I don't even have a wishlist. (I guess I got it, always, from my Mom; you help yourself when you can, and make do when you can't. But it's not just me to help, anymore; I have a wife to take care of. And that changes... a lot.)

The online community is my community and, I hope, my extended family. (Embarrassed? Truly, I am mortified. But I do NOT believe in giving up; I believe in following your heart, and God, we are trying so hard. We truly want to make a go of it here. We are giving this everything we have.)

I write fanfic. I roleplay. I 'cosplay'. This is my outlet. (Many of you know me well, in these ways; and others.) This is where I feel safe. Where I can be myself, without being judged for who I am, or what I look like, or who I'm in love with. This is where I can talk to people like me, who say, "I've been there, I get that", instead of telling me I'm weird. Or worse.

If you get that--if you understand that look that people get when they say "we're afraid having you here will make us lose business"--if you understand what they really mean by that, and why it made both me and forevertrinity cry--

Then please, if you can spare a few cents or a couple of dollars, help us stay here so that we can make a go of it. So that we won't be broken by these people who dislike us because we're different. Help us stay, so that we can succeed and prove them all wrong...and prove that we're not a threat just because we are different.

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance--from our hearts, with our deepest gratitude--if you can help us out.


and our, as stated, greatest wishes, and eternal gratitude.
I will NEVER IN MY LIFE do ANYTHING like this again.
*bows head.* Thank you. Again. Just for reading. Bless you all.

I'd really like Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2. If someone has a copy that they don't use or wouldn't mind maybe getting off off amazon or something I'd appreciate it.

I wish for...

My paid account expires in July…I’d love it if someone would buy me extra time on it. :) It doesn't have to be a year. Even if you can only afford an extra month or two, that would be awesome. :)


This is an amazing community. It's a great idea.

I only have one wish.
I am a regular on the site Nexopia
(www.nexopia.com), and I would like
to get Nexopia Plus, which costs 5.00 for a month.
I would really appreciate if someone could
buy this for me. =) My username is chelseaaa,
Here is the URL to buy it, if anyone feels like it
Thankyou so much <3


In the spirit of all that today is, my wish is for someone to love me. Like that deep, everlasting kind of love. Cause I gotta say, I seem to be looking in all the wrong places and it's hard when I go to an all girls college to find a guy.

Otherwise, more LJ friends are great too.

Blingo & Winzy

The maintainer said it was OK to do this, so here goes:

I'm trying to win an iPod, so I joined two search engines that give out prizes depending on when you search. If you sign up, I get a referral, and if you win something through the search engine, so do I. Once you've signed up, you can also give others YOUR link so they can sign up under yours (if they don't already have an account). It's totally free, legitimate, and best of all, NO SPAM.

So please, join the two following websites using my referral link. It means a lot to me!

Join Blingo!

Also, if you're interested in Winzy and want to play a GAME that you can instantly win a prize from, PLEASE leave your email address so I can email you the game. There's this one game where you have to select suitcases and two of the prizes are a Mac computer and an iPod, as well as Amazon gift certificate. If you want to join WITH a game, leave your email address! I'd rather you have a chance to win right off the bat, rather than me just giving you a referral link :)

Maintainer/wish post

Wish post:
I'm about to start getting ready for summer, so if you guys would kindly direct me to your favourite workout, diet, etc sites or plans, or if you know any from your Russian grandmother (or whatever, you get the gist) it would be much appreciated.

Maintainer post:
1) Hi to all the new members who have joined since I last said hello. =)
2) Is anyone alive in this community anymore?
3) Would anyone be interested in doing a gift swap? IE, we all make a list, 5-10 items long, and then swap names and send the person we're matched with a few of those items. We could do something similar, like a post where we post what we hae to give, not what we want, and swap that way, or anything else that you can think of.

This is your community, guys, and I can only do with it what the participation of others will allow.

Hope all's well in your lives.