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granting wishes since 2006

wish granted
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Ever want something, but you can't find it? Can't afford it? Have no way of getting it? This is a community to ask for those things. From something as simple as "I wish someone would make friends with the kid in the corner" or "Give someone a hug" to "I want a brand new laptop with all the trim," feel free to create a post and someone will try to make your dream come true. Best case scenario: trade things. IE, "I really want a copy of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on DVD. I'll trade you a few Disney VHS, or something you want" etc etc.

There are a few rules to follow to ensure this community runs smoothly:

1. Please do not give out your address if you are not comfortable with it. ljwish_granted cannot be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of this. PLEASE, use good judgement. We want this to be fun for everyone. :)

2. Feel free to post as often as you like; however, please do not abuse this community. For everything you get, please try to give.

3. Posts are moderated to ensure that nothing potentially offensive is posted, and posts may be modified at the maintainer's discretion. Posts will only be modified in cases where and lj-cut is needed, or a potentially offensive request is made (ie, sex toys or something along those lines.)

4. Once a month, there will be a contest held in which someone will get an "ultimte wish" granted. To qualify, you must grant at least three wishes in the span of a month. It's worth it. =)

Other than that, it's free game. If anything comes up, there will be a Moderater's post addressing the issue.

Keep the karma flowing.